Renal disease can be hiding in plain sight... IDEXX SDMATM is a breakthrough in the early and specific diagnosis of renal disease in cats and dogs.


Early, Specific & Proven

Kidney disease is one of the most common conditions seen in older dogs and cats, with very serious health consequences. In time, up to one in three cats and one in ten dogs will develop some form of renal disease.

Identifying disease sooner gives you more time to intervene and formulate a management protocol for each animal. Such early diagnosis is now available to all vets through a revolutionary new kidney function test: IDEXX SDMATM.

SDMA has been shown to be a more sensitive and specific biomarker of renal function compared to creatinine. Since the test was made available to practices across Australia, more than 50,000 tests have been run and veterinarians are now seeing more than 2X the amount of early kidney disease detected by creatinine alone*.

An SDMA result above 14ug/dL indicates reduced renal function. The use of IDEXX SDMATM as part of the minimum database permits the diagnosis of renal disease prior to the onset of clinic signs.
The importance of this has been the topic of recent studies and is now understood to deliver an opportunity to slow the progression of chronic kidney disease.

* Data on file at IDEXX Laboratories

This is what Dr Alicia Fagella, Emergency & Critical Care Specialist had to say:

"It makes sense to run SDMA on all patients, since it provides such an early indicator for disease. When an elevated SDMA result is observed in an apparently healthy animal, we see this as cause to investigate further and it has helped us improve as a hospital team in assessing the whole picture, for each patient."

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Content developed for the United Kingdom. IDEXX SDMATM is available in Australia.

IRIS - International Renal Interest Society

"IRIS recognizes that SDMA is a new biomarker for renal dysfunction that can allow for earlier detection of chronic kidney disease…SDMA has the potential to expand diagnostic insight and therapeutic opportunities for veterinarians caring for pets with this critical disease."

Astrid M. van Dongen - President of the IRIS Board and Associate Professor of Internal Medicine/Nephrology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University

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The stages of Chronic Kidney Disease

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Featured FAQ

SDMA has been validated for use in dogs and cats only. Further work is being done to understand the medical utility and applicable reference intervals in other species. IDEXX will keep registered members informed as and when the test becomes validated for additional species.
Compared to the gold standard liquid chromatography mass-spectrometry which delivers an extended time to results. IDEXX SDMATM results will be included with selected routine chemistry profile results and will not impact their turnaround time. Stand-alone IDEXX SDMATM results will be provided daily.
The reference interval for dogs and cats is the same; 0–14 µg/dL. Reference intervals were established following the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) guidelines for determining reference intervals.

Early detection of CKD

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